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Unlock the full potential of your school with our comprehensive educational tool!

MyScienceLand at school

Introduce MyScienceLand into your school and witness your students thrive in STEM subjects. Our dedicated in-house science team crafts engaging content, seamlessly integrating scientific knowledge to provide a perfect balance of excitement and real science in every lesson.


Empower students of all abilities to thrive and succeed.


Analyse your school's data to gain valuable insights and make informed decisions.


Maximize your teaching time for the benefit of your students.


Learning made simple

Use our SMART algorithm to pinpoint where your students are facing challenges. Our quizzes are designed to identify gaps in their understanding, reinforce concepts taught or plan to cover in the future.


The SMART algorithm

Student Mastery through Artificial intelligence and Resourceful Teaching


Enhance learning

Enhance your students' learning experience with our adaptive algorithm. Tailored to each student's unique abilities, our technology adjusts the content based on their responses; motivating them to achieve higher grades with every question answered.



At MyScienceLand, we recognise the importance of budget constraints in schools. That is  why we have developed payment plans that are both fair and accessible. With our affordable pricing, schools can provide access to our valuable tools for as low as £3.50 per student.


Expertly complied data

At MyScienceLand, we prioritise a data-driven approach to education. Instead of relying solely on our claims, trust in precise data analysis of your work. Be empowered to make well-informed, intelligent decisions about your students learning journey.



Wave goodbye to overwhelming experiences with our state-of-the-art adaptive machine learning model. Our system seamlessly adjusts to your students unique needs and evolves alongside them, guaranteeing a personalised educational journey tailored just for them.

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Say farewell to the days of assigning and grading homework manually. Set weekly goals for your students, and we will handle all the marking, providing you with a detailed report highlighting the achievers and those who might need extra support. By doing so, teachers can significantly cut down the time spent on grading and analysing results.

Access all this valuable data through our clean and elegant dashboard designed for teachers. With just a click, view your class averages and track the progress of individual students effortlessly.

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